Carriage Evaluations

DeVries Sleigh

The Carriage Association of America is proud to offer international carriage evaluations. These are open to all current CAA members who have access to a computer.

Start by taking some great photos of your horse-drawn vehicle for review by one of our experts for a $35 fee. The evaluations are open to all restored or un-restored vehicles, in use or not. Original vehicles can be evaluated also. This is a great opportunity to evaluate your vehicle before you restore or conserve it or if you just want to understand more about it.

All types of vehicles may be evaluated. An appropriate evaluator will be assigned to you. This is NOT an appraisal and NO monetary value will be included.

Please tell us if we may post comments and photos on the CAA Facebook page or in The Spokesperson (the CAA’s weekly e-newsletter) for other members to share, or if you want it kept private.

1. Take 6 to 8 jpeg photos with no more than 15 views of the front, back, both sides, the seats, pole and or shafts, and close-ups of any details you wish to highlight. Please fill the frame. Use a light, plain background for best results.

2. Give a brief written description; i.e., maker, date, type, pole and shafts, etc., and a description of the condition of the parts and wheels.

3. If you have any documentation, please scan or describe it and send it along with your photos. Please understand that we cannot provide a research service as part of this evaluation.

4. Please understand that neither the CAA nor its evaluator can accept responsibility for any part of the evaluation that may be incorrect.

5. We ask that you accept the evaluation with the understanding that only one set of questions may be asked back to the evaluator.

6. Please allow one month for your evaluation to be completed.

7. Submit your application and payment and to the CAA office and send the electronic files to Craig Paulsen.

Application forms are available here.

DeVries Buggy

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