Sporting Day of Traditional Driving

Introduction to the Sporting Day

The purpose of a Sporting Day of Traditional Driving is to preserve and celebrate the carriage-driving style of bygone days, which encompasses horsemanship, driving acumen, care and preservation of carriage and harness, and the intangible qualities of good sportsmanship. The Sporting Day focuses on traditional driving and includes three phases: a Turnout Inspection, a Country Drive, and the Cones Course. Traditional driving, as we define it, makes use of one of the recognized styles of driving–English Classical (or its German modification, known as Achenbach), Hungarian, or American–whichever is appropriate for the type of carriage, horse, and harness being used. All types of carriages are accepted, but antique vehicles or traditional reproductions of the same are preferred. In the same vein, traditional leather harness that is appropriate to the vehicle is preferred over synthetic harness.

Drivers must carry a whip throughout the day while driving.

Although intended–for participants and spectators alike–more as a celebration of traditional driving than a competition, the Sporting Day of Traditional Driving does contain competitive elements. Each turnout, however, is competing against an ideal, rather than against the other turnouts in attendance. The optimum score of 100 is broken down among the three phases as follows: a possible 50 points for the Turnout Inspection, 25 for the Country Drive, and 25 for the Cones Course. The organizers may choose to present any number of awards; one winner per class is the standard. Any situation not covered in these guidelines will be referred to the judge(s), and the judges’ decision is final. Anyone who is clearly unqualified to drive in company or who is driving dangerously or recklessly will be asked to leave.

These documents are in .pdf format (requiring Adobe Reader, which is found on many computers; you can get a free copy at
General Guidelines
Organizers’ Guidelines
Press Packet
Welcome Drivers
Welcome Volunteers
Carriage Measurement
Cones Score Sheet
Drive Score Sheet
Drive Time Sheet
Entry Form
Individual Scores
Overall Placings
Scoring Information
Test Score Sheet
Turnout Score Sheet

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